1. Overview
2. HUD Field Offices
  • Method of Briefing
  • Personnel to be Trained
  • Contents of the Briefing
3. Contract Team
  • Method of Training
  • Personnel to be Trained
  • Contents of Training Sessions
4. Due Diligence Sub-Contractors
  • Method of Training
  • Personnel to be Trained
  • Contents of Training Session
5. Other Training


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All parties involved in FHA single family mortgage loan sales must have a consistent and thorough understanding of the goals, tasks, and precise protocol to be followed throughout the sale. This chapter describes the training programs provided in conjunction with the loan sale to achieve such coordination.

Prior to any sale activity, briefings are held for the personnel from HUD, the CT, and the various contracting firms involved in the sales on the basic processes and policies. The training segments the trainees into three groups:


Method of Briefing

Training is provided by the CT and HUD through conference calls, e-mail messages, and information mailings.

Personnel to be Trained

The Field Office personnel to be trained include operation chiefs and program personnel.

Contents of the Briefing

The agenda for the conference calls focus on providing an overview of the process and timing of the sale with an emphasis on marketing the program and building a retail market. The meetings are not intended to provide a forum for debate or to approve the policies and procedures for the sale.

The major topics covered in the training sessions are:

An introduction describes the rationale for the loan sales program and covers frequently asked questions. The targeted announcement and background information on the sale program are provided.

The following topics are discussed: due diligence process, bid process, closings, data collection, and marketing.

Information control issues are emphasized in this briefing, including the following topics:

- An overview of day-to-day project management. The briefing material identifies the activities that are included in periodic reports.

- Contacts to provide an orderly framework for communications. Briefing participants receive a list of HUD contacts and are informed that all questions and communications related to a designated matter or office should be directed to the appropriate contact. Briefing leaders introduce any contacts attending these sessions and provide a short description of the matters handled by their offices.

- The confidentiality of non-public information. The presenters address the confidentiality of non-public information. They explain the participants' responsibility to protect the confidentiality of this information and the limitations as to the use of non-public information. The participants are asked to execute a confidentiality agreement which acknowledges their understanding of the aforementioned, certifies that they will not participate in or facilitate insider trading activities, and acknowledges any conflicts of interest. The participants are also informed of the procedures implemented to limit access to non-public information.

- The Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") request process. Briefing participants receive a copy of the FOIA request memorandum, a document that provides an explanation of the requirements of the act and recommended procedures to minimize FOIA requests and to document responses.

- Handling sensitive or difficult issues. Participants are briefed on the manner for treating issues raised by certain groups, such as tenants, high-profile borrowers, potential purchasers, vendors, or associations.

- Handling congressional inquiries. Participants are briefed on the procedure for handling congressional inquiries, as documented in the Information Control chapter.


This portion of training focuses largely on how to respond to investor inquiries.

Method of Training

Training is provided by the CT and HUD. The CT personnel involved in the loan sale program are required to attend training sessions to give all CT personnel an overview of the HUD organization and its programs.

Personnel to be Trained

All CT involved with FHA single family mortgage sales participate in the training.

Contents of the Training Sessions

General Training Sessions. There are two training sessions which cover the following topics:

Marketing Team. The team is given detailed information on the procedures required to do the following:

Quality Control Team. To effectively monitor compliance with the established policies and procedures of each section of the loan sale, a quality control leader and, when appropriate, additional quality control personnel, are assigned to monitor training sessions and review each section of the project on a sample basis. Training is provided on an as-needed basis only.


Method of Training

Thorough training of all due diligence contractor personnel and sub-contractor personnel is critical. Contractor personnel are required to attend a training session held after the related contract award, but prior to initiating the contracted services. The CT schedules the meetings, arranges for the facilities, and provides the contractor with a copy of the agenda prior to the training session.

Personnel to be Trained

All members of the due diligence contracting team(s) involved in the FHA single family mortgage loan sales receive training.

Contents of the Training Session

The training emphasizes consistency, accuracy and completeness and focuses on the accurate completion of the single family database.

The training materials contain both general and very detailed instructions. The team receives instructions on the following:


Additional training sessions are held as deemed necessary by the CT and HUD. The following are additional sessions on the sale: