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Ervin's GAO Bid Protest Decisions

Hamilton filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act for copies of HUD
bid protests filed by Ervin and Company with the General Accounting Office.
Hamilton recieved from GAO pursuant to the FOIA request and from GAO's
web page the protests included in this section. Ervin filed a total of 37 bid protests.
Hamiltonhas been advised that copies of the remaining protests can be obtained
at the GAO Reading Room.
File #
Filed As
March 17, 1997 B-275693 3.17.97.PDF
March 23, 1998 B-278849 3.23.98.PDF
March 23, 1998 B-278850 3.23.98.PDF
April 20, 1998 B-279161, B-279162, B-279187, B-279188 4.20.98.PDF
April 30, 1998 B-279083, B-279219 4.30.98.PDF
October 13, 1998 B-279161.2 10.13.98.PDF
December 17, 1998 B-280993 12.17.98.PDF
August 1, 1999 B-278850.2 8.1.99.PDF


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